What Sparks Poetry is a serialized feature that explores experiences and ideas that spark the writing of new poems.

In Ecopoetry Now, invited poets engage in an ecopoetic conversation across borders. In poems and poetics statements, their work describes important local differences, including bioregion and language, as well as a shared concern for the Earth. We hope to highlight poetry’s integral role in creating and sustaining a broadly ecological imagination that is most alive when biologically, culturally, and linguistically diverse.

Chris Dombrowski on "Just a little green, like the nights when the northern lights perform"
Photo: Chris Dombrowski
Christopher Brean Murray
Somewhere Rilke speaks of "vast, ruined kingdoms of cloud." That from the love letter of another exiled prince.
Emily Lee Luan
A sadness          held in the mouth. Is this Savor my           ceaseless condition? If so, I’m Sick                    with it. Pull out my molars. Make of             me a simpler O.
Annelyse Gelman
The dominant metaphor for the body was the engine The dominant metaphor for the city was the body The dominant metaphor for identity was consumption Sometimes a brain got too big, holes had to be drilled To make room, I committed the first page of the economics textbook to memory People always want more, no matter how much they have already

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