Rob Schlegel
                                      In tonight's movie a boat swerves against bullets. He sings the movie's theme. I kill you, you kill me. Plot against all that is good.
from the journal Poetry
Rita Dove
Impossible to keep a landscape in your head. Try it: All you'll get is pieces—the sun emerging from behind the mountain ridge, smoke coming off the ice on a thawing lake.
Catherine Pond
You like sex with other women because it makes you feel safe, she says. Nothing makes me feel safe, I explain.
Li-Young Lee
Because my father walked the earth with a grave, determined rhythm, my shoulders ached from his gaze. Because my father's shoulders ached from the pulling of oars, my life now moves with a powerful back-and-forth rhythm . . .
Ahlam Bsharat (translated from the Arabic by Fady Joudah)
We had a cow, Obeidah the cow. She had big wide eyes but the whole herd had big wide eyes. She was dappled but the rest of them were dappled.

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